Clare Walters is an accredited practitioner with 25 years’ experience. She developed the Focussed Mindfulness Method as a powerful approach for improving emotional wellbeing and has been teaching it to other practitioners for 15 years. She uses it with clients to help them deal with overwhelming emotions, anxiety and uncertainty and find an inner confidence, clarity and calm as they work through changes in their relationships. Claire teaches her clients the tools they can use to help them get their point of view across, be heard and can come to the best decisions for themselves and their loved ones with compassion and clarity.

How do you live the firm’s purpose through your work?

I live our purpose by listening to my clients to get a clear understanding of their personal challenges and then share tools and techniques that will empower them to find their own solutions.

What others say about Clare Walters

I wanted help with impartial advice on what I was going through and how to deal with it without taking it on board as guilt. I find it difficult to talk about my feelings, but during the sessions I relaxed and found it easy to open up in Clare’s calming presence. I would 100% recommend her to somebody else

We sometimes have to remind each other of the techniques we learned from Clare. But most of the time we can work together now. So much less stressful for the kids and me! I can actually enjoy my time with them now.